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Company Profile

The Pak Express To exceed expectations while creating considerable value for our customs by managing a dynamic net-work of first class suppliers to optimize their logistics needs while delivering superior financial results. Our net-work is built on the foundation of personal relationship, integrity, consistent communications, and unrivaled customer service. Just a as we pursue value creation for our customers, we seek to do the same for our employees by continuous training, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Who we are?

Pak Express is a leading freight forwarder and third party logistics services provider, headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. Our net-work of offices and agents is spread at all major commercial centers of the world. Pak Express has its net-work offices in Far East Asia and Indian sub-continent.

What we do?

As a third party coordinator, we arrange the shipment of your valuable goods from their source to their destination. Our global offices offer full service package in ocean and air products. As your logistics partner, Pak Express can help you to:

  1. Smooth your business cycle
  2. Streamline your supply chain
  3. Improve your buying power
  4. Provide greater flexibility
  5. Reduce your internal transaction management needs
  6. Give you more time to concentrate on your core business

In short, Pak Express can assist you to monitor the status of your shipments from inception of purchase order till arrival of shipment at your distribution center. We work with same sense of urgency, treating your products as if they were our own.

Pak Express takes an entrepreneurial approach to your business emphasizing strong relationship and flexible, responsive service. In a business where interpersonal relationship is critical, we strive for friendly, professional interactions with our customers. Thanks to this approach and the strong global network of offices/employee, we’ve increased our customer and sales numbers annually. In order to better serve our clients, our staff trains a minimum of forty hours a year.

Strength through Diversity

Pak Express strategically doesn’t own transportation assets of our own; therefore, we have the flexibility to choose from many different providers strictly based on your service requirement. Thanks to our longstanding relationships with our worldwide transportation partners, we can create the best logistics solution for your company. Pak Express thrives on diversity; we handle a variety of freight, for a variety of customers, in a variety of ways.


We arrange import/export air transport from all major origin in the world to meet your specifications, whether you require flash, deferred, or express service. Pak Express has the option of choosing between multiple carriers, which provides maximum flexibility to you, as customer. We can also arrange charters during peak seasons.


We arrange import/export ocean transport to meet your specifications, whether you’re looking for a full or less than container load, we can meet your overseas shipping deadlines with multiple sailings each week. Pak Express carry global shipping contract with all major shipping lines of the world. Pak Express can also arrange inland cartage and distribution services. Our Air/Ocean services include following features:

Customs Brokerage (Pakistan)

Pak Express’s excellent standing with the PK customs department and our understanding of customs compliance will help fulfill your customs brokerage needs. Our highly experienced brokerage team includes licensed brokers who are pre-clearance specialists.

Our Critical Strengths:

  • We customize our processes to service individual client needs. Our personalized service ensures that we provide you with the solution that fits your logistics problem.
  • Our experienced management and operations team enables us to understand your complex logistical challenges
  • We have a wide net-work of carrier relationship and a good rapport with each of the many parties involved.
  • We have full scale operational set-up’s in countries where there is a minimal Logistics provider presence.
  • We partner with the local people, because there is no substitute for familiarity with regional cultures
  • Finally, we coordinate our efforts around the world to ensure that our communication with you is clear, efficient and effective.

Domestic Services

Warehousing and storage, consolidation and distribution… Pak Express will help answer all of your domestic logistics questions. Whether you require a flat load for your full truckload shipment or need expedited less than truckload service, Pak Express has the expertise and contacts to handle your domestic shipping.